Opportunity for $5 tickets

Just thought I'd pass some news along from the Urban Plains Center.  They are offering $5 tickets for the rest of the year for those fans that are willing to park at the Osgood Hornbacher's parking lot and take the shuttle to the Urban Plains Center.  The shuttle is free and shuttle riders get in the game for $5...

From the UP Center:

Free Shuttles for Remaining Force Games + $5 Ticket for Riders

Description: Due to wet conditions in the west parking lot, the Urban Plains Center is offering free shuttle bus service for the remaining Force games. Service will begin 1 hour prior to the games and will continue until 1 hour after the game.

In addition to the free ride, the Force are offering a $5 cash only, reserved ticket for those riding the shuttles. Riders are asked to bring exact change and will get their ticket on the shuttle.

South End of Hornbachers-Osgood Parking Lot (located at 4151 45th St. South)

Friday, March 12
Saturday, March 13
Friday, March 26
Saturday, March 27

On-site parking available for season pass holders and an extremely limited amount of non-pass holders. Carpooling is heavily encouraged.


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