Fargo's Entry Draft Results

The USHL has completed the Entry Draft and Fargo's selections are shown below.  Fargo didn't select any defensemen until after they hit 23 players on their protected roster and that is not surprising at all to me as the Force return most of their defensemen next season and have a few players already coming in that were drafted last year (Willie Corrin from International Falls and Troy Hesketh from Minnetonka to name a couple of the most notable defensemen coming in).

13. Tanner Kero - C, Marquette (NAHL) - A kid that played junior hockey in the North American Hockey League with Marquette.  He scored 32 goals and added 19 assists for 51 points in 57 games with Marquette.  Having that year experience in the NAHL will do him wonders coming into Fargo next year.  Tanner is a Michigan Tech Huskie recruit.  Western College Hockey Blog thinks that this pick for Fargo was a steal as Kero led the NAHL in goals.  They also think that he could be a sleeper pick in the NHL Draft.  Check out their blog entry on the USHL Draft.

Oh...by the way...he scores game-winners! (video below)

27. Jimmy Murray - LW, Chicago Mission (MM) (from Cedar Rapids in Campbell trade) - The Force were able to trade Cody Campbell early in 2009-10 and now they got to see what they traded him for.  Jimmy Murray is a left winger from Chicago Mission's midget major team and he put up good numbers scoring 21 goals and adding 30 assists for 51 points in 42 games.  Murray is a small forward at 5'5, 130 lbs.

28. Daniel McNamara - LW, Chicago Young Americans (MM) - McNamara scored 8 and assisted on 13 for 21 points in 48 games for the Chicago Young Americans' midget major team.  McNamara has good size at 6'1, 170 lbs.

34. Austin Farley - LW, Chicago Mission (U16) (from Chicago in Gunner trade) - Once again the Force finally got to see what the result of their trade of Cole Gunner to Chicago would be and this time they picked up a young player out of Chicago Mission's midget minor program.  He averaged a point per game with the Mission scoring 19 and assisting on 19 for 38 points in 38 games last season with the Mission.  He's 5'5, 145 lbs and a late 1993 birthdate.

43. Tyler Maugeri - RW, Jr. Kings (MM) - 21 goals and 36 assists for Tyler Maugeri on the Jr. Kings midget major team this past season.  Maugeri is a California kid with Matt Leitner like numbers in midget majors.

44. Tanner Lane - F, Detroit Lakes (MN-HS) (from Omaha) - Tanner Lane was tied for the lead in Minnesota's point leaders with 90.  He was second to Joey Benik in goals with 49.  Detroit Lakes didn't have the toughest schedule in the world so Lane was able to light it up on a lot of weaker teams but he is a goal scorer nonetheless.  He was a junior this season with the Lakers so it would be interesting to see if he would want to make the 45 mile trek to Fargo to play in the USHL this season or stick around in Detroit Lakes for his senior season.

58. Steven Beyers - RW, Orangeville (CCHL) - Beyers had 11 goals and 12 assists in 16 games for Orangeville in the CCHL.  He is the 199th rated North American skater in this year's NHL Entry Draft.

73. Dajon Mingo - C, Wenatchee (NAHL) - Mingo has been playing in the North American Hockey League and would join the Force as an experienced junior hockey player.  He would only be eligible for the 2010-11 season as he just turned 20 years old this May.  He had 13 goals and 20 assists for 33 points in 34 games with Wenatchee.  Mingo is 5'10, 170 lbs.

88. Josh Lazowski - C, Spruce Grove (AJHL) - Josh Lazowski put up huge numbers in the Alberta Junior Hockey League this past season scoring 26 goals and assisting on 52 for 78 points in 55 games for Spruce Grove.

The Force then reached their 23-man protected roster which results in all of the passes you may see on the USHL Draft website.  Once a team gets to 23, they pass until all teams have reached 23, then they pick another 7 to fill the protected list.

223. Jakob Batcha - F, Milwaukee Jr. Admirals (NAPHL) - Batcha put up good numbers in the North American Prospects Hockey League with the Milwaukee Jr. Admirals midget major hockey team.  Batcha scored 21 and assisted on 31 for 52 points last season with the Jr. Admirals.  Batcha is a 6'1, 170 lb kid out of Fredonia, Wisconsin.

238. Garrett Schmitz - D, Red Lake Falls (MN-HS) - Schmitz led his Red Lake Falls high school team in points as a sophomore with 25 goals and 25 assists for 50 points from the blue line for RLF.  Sounds like he played on a pretty weak team and was the bright spot on the roster.

253. Chase Souto - F, Jr. Kings (U16) - Souto is the youngest player taken by the Force in the 2010 USHL Drafts (including USHL Entry and Futures drafts).  He is also a draft pick of the Kamloops Blazers of the WHL in Canada (taken in the 5th round by the Blazers in 2009).  He scored 14 and dished 6 for 20 points in 35 games for the Jr. Kings (U16).

268. Dan Weissenhofer (Bismarck, NAHL and Lincoln, USHL) - Weissenhofer played with the Bismarck Bobcats and 14 games with the Lincoln Stars this season.  He scored 1 goal and dished 6 assists in the regular season (33 games).  He also had 3 assists with the Stars in 14 games.  He was good in the NAHL playoffs as he was +11 in 11 games, scoring one goal and adding an assist.

283. Austin Rudnick - D, Breck (MN-HS) - Rudnick was a sophomore this past season for the best team in Class A Minnesota high school hockey, Breck.  Rudnick scored 8 goals and had 14 assists for 22 points in 30 games.  In three state tournament games, Rudnick had a goal and an assist.

300. Riley Simpson - LW, Brooks (AJHL) - Here is an article about Riley Simpson.

317. Chad Demers - LW, Fargo (USHL) - Who is this guy?!  The Fargo Force forward was re-drafted in the USHL Entry Draft today because the Force must not have protected him.  The Force snatched him back up with the 317th pick in the Entry Draft.  Chad played really well down the stretch on Stampohar and Rehkamp's line.

Feel free to leave info on any of these kids if you have any!



Force Blogger said...

Funny things about Fargo's draft (short) history:

Fargo's first ever USHL entry draft was Gavin Hartzog. Hartzog saw limited time with the Force and was traded to Bismarck of the NAHL.

Chad Demers (taken in the 21st round by Fargo today (2nd time he was drafted by Fargo!)) was selected in '08 before Chase Grant, Corey Leivermann, Colten St. Clair amd Eamonn McDermott.

Mr Ricochet said...

Blog looks great!! Ran into a nice little capsule of the 1st round and thought you Fargo fans would like what was said about Kero.


[quote]Fargo got what I think was a steal in NAHL forward and Michigan Tech recruit Tanner Kero at 13th overall. Kero chose to stay close to home and play for Marquette in the NAHL last year, and ended up leading the league in goals, which is remarkable for a 17/18 year old. If he fills out physically, he could be a great player, and might be a sleeper for the NHL Draft.[/quote]

Anonymous said...

What is up with not getting a goalie? Makes you wonder more about Massa coming back.

Force Blogger said...

I am about 90% sure that Massa will be back and the Force will have Zane Gothberg for the next two years as well. They also will have plenty of goalies to look at in tryouts if they choose to have a 3rd.

Force Blogger said...

And thanks for the info Mr. Ricochet, I will add that link in the blog!!!

blades said...

If it all works out, Massa and Gothberg would be a dynamic duo for next season

Anonymous said...

Rumor on the east coast is that Corbin Mcguire-Taft Prep forward- Wisconsin commit who Fargo selected last year in the futures draft will be heading out to the Force next year

Anonymous said...

You obviously do not know much about Minnesota hockey as Breck was #1 all year and won the class A tournament. Also Tanner Lane is a stud 6'3", fast as the wind, great shot, unreal athlete..check out his football and golf stats..and his schedule was certainly tougher than Steve Johnson's kid who you hype on here and other places as the next coming to Wayne Gretzky.

blades said...

Is Tanner Kero trying out this season?

Anonymous said...

We'll see how Johnsons kid does against some MN talent next year.

Force Blogger said...

Anonymous that was my bad I could've swore I watched them lose in the state tournament game so that is my bad. I'll fix it.

As for Steve Johnson's kid, he has the genes and he was a top scorer on his team as an 8th grader and improved a ton going into his freshman year. Never said he was the next Gretzky. His dad and his uncle played division one hockey and are head coaches in the USHL. I think GF Central was probably playing better competition than Detroit Lakes most nights. Look at Lane's point totals in games.

Detroit Lakes beat Fargo North 4-3 and tied West Fargo 5-5 and lost to Crookston 4-3. GF Central beat Fargo North 5-1 and 8-1, and West Fargo 6-0 and 8-1. GF Central also beat Crookston 7-0 so spare me on the fact that Detroit Lakes was playing top level competition and plays a tougher schedule than GF Central's.

Outside of Moorhead HS, I don't follow MN-HS all that closely because I am following 60 games plus playoffs of the Fargo Force... but I do watch the games on FSN and I did watch the state tourney. I thought I remembered Hermantown winning it this year and Breck last year but you're right Breck went back to back and I should've checked on that!

Force Blogger said...

I'm sure Kero will be at tryouts and McGuire would be a great pick-up for the Force from what I've read about him at other sites!

Zack said...

Gothberg might not be a 2 year player....Brad Eidness only has a year left(Early Grad) and Aaron Dell will be a junior at that point.

Steve said...

Hey Force Blogger,
Thanks for all updates bout the draft! Its great to see who may be here next year.

Any possibility of doing a blog on whos leaving/staying.

Anonymous said...

Tanner Lane was all Detroit Lakes had. He was key on every game. Most of the games I watched he had two guys all over him all the time. He still put up those numbers. If he had Gust and Purpur on his line he might have put up 200 points. Why do you think Johnson moved his kid to GF central? In both games against common opponents you pointed out and against Apple Valley, Luke Johnson had no points. And just as a tip for the future: You need to go to www.minnesotasportsonline.com to get accurate stats as that database is run by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune from completed scoresheets sent in by coaches. mnhockeyhub is not as complete unless the coach is updating them. I have noticed from time to time your stats are not right on here.

Force Blogger said...

I am not doubting Tanner Lane's ability at all! Obviously to score 90 points, you have a lot of skill. Thanks for the link but when I checked it out they don't even have Lane's numbers on there.

Unfortunately the ND-HS hockey website doesn't show who their players score/don't score against. Lane had Alex Phelps who put up big numbers and was invited to the USHL scouting combine so he must have some skill. Also Nate Baker in DL was averaging 2 pts/game.

In Fargo, with ND news, we hear a lot more about Grand Forks Central/Luke Johnson than we do about Detroit Lakes/Tanner Lane...

I can't wait to see Lane at tryouts (assuming he does come for tryouts). I was big on the thought of having Joey Benik come to Fargo last year as well but he didn't show up so usually the ND kids are more likely to leave than the loyal Minnesotans who like to stick it out in HS. Sometimes there are a few out there who do want to do what's best for their hockey career and make the shift to jr. hockey....hopefully Tanner does that as well.

I love that the Force went out and drafted the kid and I hope he puts up big numbers for the Force as well.

Force Blogger said...

Hey Steve,

I'll try to get something up of who I think is staying/going/coming in soon!

Force Blogger said...

One more thing to add on Luke Johnson - He is not going to Moorhead like some people have said on the blogs. He will be playing for GFC or Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Tanner Lane will give up his seniot year in Detroit Lakes and play for Fargo. He will be at tryouts.

Force Blogger said...

Yep, I talked to him about that too and tweeted it on my Twitter account (follow me! - FargoForceBlog). Also got some info on a few others that plan to be here including Jimmy Mullin who was a '08 Futures pick and Tyler Maugeri. Chase Souto is not planning on playing for Fargo, he wants to go WHL.

Force Blogger said...

But of course, they all have to try out and make the team first :D

Timothy How - Fargo Hockey Examiner said...

This Riley Simpson is not related to either of the Simpson's mentioned. I just got an email correcting the information. Just a heads up.

Timothy How - Fargo Hockey Examiner said...

Riley Simpson is not related to the Simpson's you listed. I just got an email about it. FYI.

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