Who will play in 2010-11?

Here is an attempt to let all of you blog readers who may be here next year for returners and maybe even some of the players that are coming in from the drafts this year and past drafts.  We'll start with the returners.

Returning for Fargo:

Goalie -

Ryan Massa

We are pretty sure that Ryan Massa will be back in Fargo for next season.  It is getting really late in the game for Ryan to commit to a college for 2010 and although he has had some offers, he will look to get more options as he starts in Fargo in 2010-11.

Defense -

Brian Cooper
Brandon Carlson
Oleg Yevenko
? - Nick Romanick

Brian Cooper, Brandon Carlson and Oleg Yevenko are all expected to return to the Force lineup for 2010-11.  Marek Hrbas will not be back with the Force next season, he will  be further pursuing his goal of being an NHL prospect by playing in a different league.  I talked to him today and he said that he would not be back, verifying our commenter's post (see comments).  Also, that same blog poster below believes that Nick Romanick will be elsewhere to start the season next year (see comments).

Forwards -

Colten St. Clair
Nick Oliver
Garrett Allen
Joe Rehkamp
? - Chad Demers
? - John Stampohar

Nick Oliver, Garrett Allen and Joe Rehkamp are all expected to be in a Force uniform come opening night.  Chad Demers had to be re-drafted with the last pick in the USHL Entry Draft which must mean that the Force did not protect Demers.  The Force re-protected him by drafting him so that should mean he should be back with the Force for 2010-11.  Chad played very well in the playoffs playing on Joe Rehkamp and John Stampohar's line.  Stampohar is the big question mark for possible returning forwards.  He has not decided whether he will return to Fargo, go back to Medicine Hat and play with the Tigers (WHL) or play elsewhere.  John Stampohar, Chad Demers and Nick Romanick were all drafted in the NAHL making all of their returns more questionable for the 2010-11 season.

BREAKING NEWS 6/6/10 - Colten St. Clair will be back in Fargo after I talked with him today.

With only a few returners up front for Fargo, the Force will have almost three full lines to fill with new incoming players from their protected list.  Here are some names to watch out for and what I have been able to find out.

From 2008, 2009:

Zane Gothberg - G, Thief River Falls (MN-HS)
Jimmy Mullin - F, Shattuck-St. Mary's (MN-HS)
Willie Corrin - D, International Falls (MN-HS)
Troy Hesketh - D, Minnetonka (MN-HS)
Corbin McGuire - F, Taft Prep School
AJ Jarosz - F, Team Illinois
Ryan Doner - F, Kent Valley Selects
Garrett Haar - D, LA Selects
Aaron Scheppelmann - D, S2 U18
Neil Goff - D, Stillwater (MH-HS)
Joe Basaraba - F, Shattuck-St. Mary's (MN-HS)

Most of the defensemen on this list won't make the roster with all of the defensemen the Force have coming back.  The two that will likely make the roster are Troy Hesketh and Willie Corrin.  Neil Goff will probably return to high school.  I haven't gotten any info on Haar or Scheppelmann but they were listed on Fargo's affiliate list according to Kerry Collins' blog.  AJ Jarosz, Corbin McGuire and Ryan Doner will all get good looks from the coaching staff to fill the voids at forward for the Force.

From 2010:

Tanner Kero - F, Marquette (NAHL)
Jimmy Murray - F, Chicago Mission
Daniel McNamara - F, Chicago Young Americans
Austin Farley - F, Chicago Mission
Tyler Maugeri - F, LA Jr. Kings
Tanner Lane - F, Detroit Lakes (MN-HS)
Jakob Batcha - F, Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
Dan Weissenhofer - D, Bismarck (NAHL)
Justin Wade - D, Chicago Mission
? - Dajon Mingo - F, Wenatchee (NAHL)
? - Chase Souto - F, LA Jr. Kings
? - Steven Beyers - F, Orangeville (CCHL)
? - Josh Lazowski - F, Spruce Grove (AJHL)
? - Riley Simpson - F, Brooks (AJHL)

All of these players have shown interest in playing for the Force next season if they can make the roster.  There are a lot of voids to fill at forward and head coach Steve Johnson drafted a lot of forwards in 2010 to fill the spots so many of these players have a shot.  A kid that we have talked a little bit in the comments section of the blog, Tanner Lane, even said that he would forgo his senior season at DL to play in Fargo.  Chase Souto, the youngest player selected by the Force in the 2010 drafts, said that he wants to play in the WHL, but if he was not able to play for Kamloops (WHL), he might be interested in playing a season in Fargo.  Also, when I talked to Dajon Mingo he didn't sound too certain if he was going to stay in Wenatchee or come to Fargo.  He said he really trusts his coaches in Wenatchee and likes playing there.  I also put question marks by our imports from Canada as they are always hard to predict as to whether they want to go the major junior route or even stay in Canada in their pursuit of a college scholarship.  With Hrbas not coming back, it does open the door for a couple of them to come in.  The Force can only add two imports for a total of three with the grandfather rule (would be only two if Yevenko was not coming back).

Tryouts are July 25-28 so everyone will be able to make their scouting reports after they are able to see the kids play.  Can't wait for 2010-11!



TMAVS18 said...

Hey just curious do u know if MSU, Mankato is looking at some of the Fargo force players......if so which ones? I am a season ticket holder for the Mavericks, so just looking for some insight. Thanks

Force Blogger said...

I think we unloaded all of our Mav recruits after this last season. We had JP Burkemper, Chase Grant, Corey Leivermann and Matt Leitner all leave the Force after this season to play with MSU-Mankato. I don't think any of the players coming next year have committed to Mankato yet, but I could be wrong. Anyone else know if these kids are interested in MSU-Mankato?

USHLProspectsBlog said...

Force are gonna be stacked at tender if Gothberg comes and plays. I would be very sfraid of a Massa/Gothberg duo.

blades said...

I was kind of hoping that Burkemper would return, he's a really good skater and puckhandler. I think he would of been a really big standout for the Force. I hope that there is going to be a Massa, Gothberg duo i think the Force will need that since there is going to be alot of newcomers in the forward positions. Does anybody know which team or teams in the USHL that will be stacked with veterans t5his coming season?

Force Blogger said...

I'm not sure about being stacked with veterans, I think Lincoln returns a lot but I think Dubuque has a pretty loaded roster but of course they are all new players. I think I've heard that they have a couple good NHL prospects coming into their team right away.

blades said...

So basically there's going to be alot of fresh rosters around the USHL.

Sparky said...

Couple of comments:

1.) Romanick and Hrbas will not be back. If politics dont play into it Garrett Haar will make the team long before Corrin or Hesketh. And Justin Wade will make the team for sure. If Steve carries 8 D, I am sure they will pull in another import.

2.) Leitner still has a greater than 50/50 shot on being back with the Force next year. Still has work to do off the ice before he can consider Mankato. Don't count him out.

Anonymous said...

Des Moines will return the most veteran players. They will have one of the top lines in the league with Tynan, Brickly, and Dekowski

TMAVS18 said...

So what does Leitner have to do off the ice?? That would be a big hit to Mankato's class...

Anonymous said...

He needs to graduate from high school.

Force Blogger said...

I did talk to Marek today and he said he would not be back. Sparky is right, like usual :D. We'll have to watch it all unfold.

TMAVS18 said...

Alright hopefully he gets everything done and gets to Mankato!

Anonymous said...

Did Dean Blais draft the 2008-09 kids?

Force Blogger said...

He did.

Steve said...

I want leitner on the FORCE!!

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to watch Leitner again. I think the Force could really use him this coming season, plus to have another veteran woild be good.

Anonymous said...

leitner chances of coming back to fargo = snowballs chance in hell

Sparky said...

AS I said it is 50/50 with Leitner. More likely that he ends up in the Western League.

Anonymous said...

What about Lippincott?

Force Blogger said...

Lippincott will be going to Ohio State. After today's NAHL draft, it's looking like Romanick and Stampohar won't be back as they were both drafted NAHL.

Steve said...

Thanks for this blog entry, i love seeing who may be here next year.

The only thing about the USHL/junior league is, is that guys are here for an average of one to two years. Its hard to see players go...

Anonymous said...

I thought lippincott going n 2011

Anonymous said...

This is getting crazy. It's almost making me wonder who's next to go?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that just because they were drafted, means that they are going to leave the USHL for the NA.

Timothy How - Fargo Hockey Examiner said...

Leitner will be in Mankato next year. No matter what happens, he won't be back in Fargo.

Hrbas is gone. Just to confirm.

Romanick will not be with the team one way or another.

Lippincott is gone for sure. Just confirming again.

Stampohar will either go back to the WHL and be a fighter or go to the NAHL to get more ice time.

But as someone said, just because they get drafted doesn't mean they will leave. Five Force players were taken in last year's NAHL draft and I don't think any of them played with the NAHL team that drafted them. Most stayed in the USHL.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to find out what happens with ex Force player Chris Stafne. He was arrested Tuesday for assaulting his girlfriend. Wonder if UMD keeps him.

Anonymous said...

Romanick was taken in first round . Bismark obviously had a conversation Steve before they took him. Now, they could be A*&^hol$43Es and not release him to tryout for other teams in the USHL being that Fargo's tryouts are later than anyone else. But the writing is on the wall for him no matter what Johnson tells him between now and then. Tough situation for him to be He is a good player and should be in the USHL

pinkforce said...

Where'd you get your info on Staffne assaulting his girlfriend? Sorry I'm hesitant to believe someone who won't put their name on their posts...

Anonymous said...

There's a few articles on it in the side blogs over there <---

Anonymous said...

I guess there might be a chance that Colten St. Clair returns to the Force.

smmccoy said...

The whole thing with stafne was also in todays forum in the sports section.

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