Past players and predictions for 2010-11

I haven't blogged anything in a while and we gotta get thinking about 2010-11 season soon! With two years in the franchise's existence, we have seen a few players come and go, so...

  • Which Force player will you miss the most going into 2010-11 and why? 
  • Who is your all-time (all two years!) favorite Force player?
  • Which incoming draft pick or returner do you look forward to seeing develop and strive in the USHL next season?
  • Who do you expect to have an impact season in 2010-11?

It's going to be tough to predict who will be the impact players going into next season as we lost a lot of the guys that started with the franchise and had even better seasons in 2009-10. With many incoming players, it will be interesting to hear who everyone thinks will be the top players for the new season.



Force Blogger said...

The player I will miss the most going into 2010-11 has to be the captain from 2009-10, Chase Grant. An all-out hard worker and a guy that does it all, his grit and goal scoring will be missed in 2010-11.

My all-time favorite Force player is probably Mike Lee. I know he didn't have the greatest Clark Cup Finals games but he was solid all year and was the first Force player ever taken in the NHL draft. As a former goalie, I had a lot of fun watching Mike Lee in between the pipes.

I think Tanner Kero will be a fun player to watch develop in Fargo after leading the NAHL in goals last season. Hopefully he is able to bury it in the USHL as well!

Brian Cooper was a great defenseman for the Force in 2009-10, he is my pick to continue to be an impact player next season and he'll do it with more minutes and higher expectations.

blades said...

The player i will miss the most is Chase Grant, he was a fearless leader.

My all-time favorite would be Andy Toranto. He really shined in the playoffs.

Zane Gothberg. I've heard alot about him and im looking forwardto see him between the pipes.

This is a tough one, so im going to say all of the returners from last season.

ndhockey said...

Hard to pick one that I will miss the most but I would have to say Matt Leitner (if he goes).

All-time favorite would be Luke Witkowski! He always seemed to get the team going with a fight when necessary and was a solid defenseman for the Force.

Looking forward to seeing Zane Gothberg as well.

I'll pick Chad Demers for my surprise impact player for 10-11. I think if given ice time, he could be a great player for the Force. He played well down the stretch for the Force.

Timothy How - Fargo Hockey Examiner said...

Most missed: Chase Grant. Force have been blessed with two great captains, but who knows if they can find a third great captain. Grant will be missed in 10-11.

Favorite player of all-time (all 2 years): Eamonn McDermott. He was my favorite player from day one. Undersized defenseman with offensive talent.

Looking ahead: Nick Oliver is going to have a monster year next year. Tanner Kero is going to shock people with how good he really is.

Impact: Brian Cooper is going to be very, very good next season and beyond.

april said...

I will miss McDermott the most

McDermott was my favorite player

I'm excited to see Garret Allen return.I think he is going to be One of the Fargo Force Stars

I think Ryan Massa and Zane Gothberg will have the biggest impact on this next season

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss the team, great bunch of guys. Next year some old faces and new faces, i think cooper and carlson will be a great tandum this season, with st Clair coming back, forwards should be 7-8 strong with unknown draft choices filling in the rest of the team

Anonymous said...

Tim How: Have you ever seen Tanner Kero play? My guess is not. To over hype him and say people will be shocked at how good he crazy. He is an OK player that will need to make BIG adjustments to have success in this league.

Sparky81 said...

Joe Rehkamp will lead this team in scoring next year by a wide margin. He was given limited ice and limited chances this year and look at the numbers he put up. He is also the fastest player in the league. Remember you heard it here first

Timothy How - Fargo Hockey Examiner said...


Nevers seen Kero play other than a lot of video I have watched. I do know several players who have played with and against him. The same quote has come from many of them: "He is the real deal."

When players that were on the NAHL first team say that about him...I feel confident in agreeing.

And if you are going to call me out, have the courage to put your name on your post. I do a ton of research, make a lot of phone calls, and send a lot of emails. I'm not just making stuff up.

Tarra said...

Sparkey81- very much agreeing with you there! Joey s a great player and by a far range my favorite from the first game! He comes froma great school that had a great hockey team. He is definetly going to lead the team far!!!

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