Eamonn McDermott

Eamonn McDermott was injured yesterday in practice. Early reports are that he has suffered a fracture of his wrist that will require surgery and keep him out of the line-up for 8-10 weeks. I am sure more details will be made available over the weekend. This is a major blow for the Force and we wish Eamonn a speedy recovery and hope that he is back in time for playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding. He is one of are best defenseman.He is always in the place he is suppose to be. Its going to be hard to watch a Force game with out him.

Force Blogger said...

Look for Marek Hrbas to step it up. He has been getting more minutes and has been an addition on the PP. He is a similar style player to McDermott and will have to step it up in McDermott's absence.

Anonymous said...

Poor McDermott! I missed Eamonn! I am glad he is better now!!

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