Johnson returns to Ice Box

Steve Johnson will take his team to the place where it all started for him in Lincoln, NE. The Fargo Force take on the Stars at the Ice Box tonight and it will be the first time Steve Johnson will be back behind the bench at the Ice Box.

The Fargo Force will look to build on what it started last night in Kearney coming off a big 9-1 win over the Tri-City Storm. Fargo is only three points out of first place in the West Division. Lincoln has struggled this year and are bottom feeders in the West Division of the USHL, but don't let that fool you, this will be a tough game for the Force.


Anonymous said...

Thats right!!! Force take down the stars 2-1 with a goal with 45 seconds to go in the period. Also Omaha lost in a shootout to Cedar Rapids. We are 2 points out of 1st and omaha is at the UP next Friday and Saturday. Its going to be intense!!

Force Blogger said...

That's right!!! It was a good game! I wish the camera would have been in a better spot for the B2 broadcast instead of being in the corner of the rink! Friday and Saturday are going to be huge games!

tzweeb said...

hey force fans, good job doing waht it takes to get the win tonight.
the funny thing was that your coach/ our old coach johnson got a bigger applause then our coach did!!
our guys are playing hard, but just cant get the W's. good luck next week against omaha...
any enemy of our enemies are a friend of ours!!!


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