Cody Campbell Interview

Special thanks to Cody Campbell for doing this interview for us.  He was very happy to do it, and very willing to answer all of our questions.  Thank you to all who posted questions to ask Cody in the interview.

FFB: What do each of the symbols on the back of your helmet mean to you?

Cody: I try to keep most of my helmets team related but on almost all of my masks I have used the back plate as a personal thing. I have a Colorado flag, which obviously represents where I'm from and inside of the flag I have the name Brody. Brody was an infant brother of a very close friend and teammate that unfortunately died of SIDS only two months after he was born just over a year and a half ago. So I like to honor Brody and his family with his name on my helmet. Under the Colorado Flag, I have two crossing Pick Axes with a rose going through them. The Pick Axes was the logo of the Pikes Peak Miners which was my midget hockey team and without that organization I definitely would not be where I am today. The rose is for my little sister Cierra. Rose is her middle name and she is without a doubt my biggest fan. She never missed a home game when I was still playing at home and she sacrificed a lot just to watch me play. Even when I have a bad game, or whatever, she always thinks I play amazing. So even on the road when we have no fans and the environment is tough to play in, I always know I've got my biggest fan there with me.

FFB: Do you feel more comfortable in the USHL this year vs. last year, with a year under your belt?

Cody: I feel 10 times more comfortable this year. Last year was a big transition not only on the ice but also moving away from your family at 16 and being on your own at such a young age is quite an adjustment.

FFB: What is your pregame preparation like? Do you have any pregame rituals? Any superstitions?
Cody: My game prep is very intense. Goaltender is a very mental position so you have to do everything you can to be as focused as possible. With that I do have an infinite number of rituals and superstitions. I could write a 500 page book on all of those, so just a few of the things I do off the ice on game days are: at home, subway is always my pregame meal.  I always warm up in my track suit and I never leave my house to go to a game or on a road trip without my closet door and door to my room being shut. That's the mild stuff, too. People aren't lying when they say goalies are a bit different.
FFB: What is your goal in life (Hockey or non-hockey related)?

Cody: I really couldn't see life without hockey. I would love to be able to play at a high level for as long as possible but once I am done playing I would really like to be able to coach at a high level as well.

FFB: Who outside of your own family has influenced you the most on the ice and off the ice as well?

Cody: My Midget AAA coach, Luc Trombetta, has no doubt been that person. He taught me numerous things on the ice but even more about things away from the rink. We have a very close relationship and still talk at least twice a week.

FFB: What do you like to do in the summer time and down time during the season?

Cody: During the off-season I love playing golf with my dad, grandpa or some buddies.  I normally play 3 times a week during the summer. During the season when we have down time at night I normally just relax, watch some hockey, do some homework, and occasionally hang out with a girl.

FFB: How would you describe your style of goaltending?

Cody: I like to think I kind of have my own style. I play butterfly a lot but I also make kick saves and skate saves which is uncharacteristic of a butterfly goalie. I guess I just like to be athletic and make saves. I don't think I really fall into any one category.

FFB: Who is your favorite goalie (past and/or present)?

Cody: My favorite goalie is Martin Brodeur because he competes so hard and, kind of like me, doesn't really fall into one category of style. Plus, he wins a lot.

FFB: Who did you idolize growing up? (Who did you want to "be"?)

Cody: Being from Colorado, I idolized Patrick Roy. Much like Brodeur, he competed so hard and he won a lot too.


Rob and Amy Guthrie said...

Cody is one of the most impressive young men we've ever known. The way he has honored our family and the memory of our son, Brody, has played no small part in helping us in our journey to recover. Throw in the fact that he is one of the best young goalies we've ever seen and you've got quite a package. Thanks for the great interview. We love you, Cody! Rob and Amy

ReBecka Roy said...

That's a great interview. Props to Cody! Thanks for taking the time to let us know a little more about you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview with Cody. What a caring kid who happens to be pretty darn good between the pipes. Go Cody! Go Force!!

Anonymous said...

"and occasionally hang out with a" great interview.

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