St. Clair assists; Team USA loses in shootout

Team USA had everything going for them in their opening game of the Junior A Select Challenge tournament in Summerside, P.E.I.  They were leading 4-1 going into the final stanza, outshooting Canada East 27-8.  Canada East scored three goals in the third period, and forced the game into overtime.  The overtime solved nothing and the game went into a shootout.  Canada East's Andrew Calof, Jacob Laliberte and Brock Higgs all scored on Will Yanakeff.  Shane Berschbach and Beau Bennett scored goals in response for Team USA and it came down to Fargo's Matt Leitner to score the goal to push the shootout back another round, but he was unable to score and the game ended with Canada East pulling off the comeback victory.

Fargo Force's Colten St. Clair assisted in the loss for Team USA, who will play Team Belarus, Tuesday, November 3. 

Check back on the blog to get more updates on Team USA, and the Fargo Force players playing on the team do in the rest of the tournament.


tzweeb said...

i love the way you guys are running these blog sites.
we have had yeti's blog for awhile now and he and bell are doing a great job as well.
i miss our normal papers blog site but they messed up and have lost their followers.
but as with anything when one thing fails it opens doors for soemthing even better.

we tried the live blog for the last away game and had a blst with it.
when i read your sites live blog it looked like nobody else was on. was it a home game? or are you just too new still?
our lincoln stars have suffered from injuries and the usa tourney, but it is a long season and as yeti says... its a marathon and not a sprint.
hope to see your blog take off as well as ours.
good luck against all the other teams and hope you guys have bad bounces against us!!!

please remind your posters to use some kind of a name so you can respond to their comments.

Fargo Force Blogger said...

Yeah we have had some posters in the past. I am blaming the lack of comments this weekend on Halloween, and a lot of people that aren't at the games - not thinking about hockey as much.

With that program, Coveritlive, we are able to get statistics for each game to see how many readers we get. This blog is still relatively new as I started it late September. I am still trying to get the word out as much as possible. Another thing - a lot of the people that do follow this blog go to all of the home games...and right now I only do the live blogs for home games.

I had 18 readers on Halloween. The most ever readers was 56 when we played Sioux Falls - that game we had 39 comments from readers. It is a lot more fun when there are more people commenting.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. I am sure in time, we will get more comments and more active readers on the live blogs. If anyone has any suggestions for this blog, I am open to any ideas to get more people reading/active. Thanks again.

Fargo Force Blogger said...

More to add --- We also have a newspaper that blogs for the Force. He also does a live blog for the home games and I am sure a lot of people are going to his live blog because of the sources he has and the inside information he is able to get. I am actually able to talk to some of the Force players so I do get some inside information sometimes. The newspaper blogger is often assigned to other duties, like HS football games, and I hope people realize that this blog will be running all the time. I am no reporter so I have all my time to blog about the Force...and the live blog will be available here for home games always.

tzweeb said...

first i would say go to bed!!! just like me, you only get time to post way late at night!!

try to do an away game as that would be the chance to have the most people online as they are not at the game.
we have the same problem for home games as you do, but yeti is not in the press box and cant do a live home game report. we do have a paper reporter doing a blog as well but the paper changed their site and has hardly anyone following it now. darn
we used to get over a 100 blogs on their site per game, but it just got lost in the change over.
so now we go to the "unofficial" site and have had alot of fun blogging live with this new feature.
another thing that i would add is a link to our site as well as to the tri city site. all 3 of you are doing similar things and this idea can go big.
the hardest thing is to get interaction between fans during a game.
i would suggest that all posts have some type of a name so we can comment on what they post. too many anonymous makes it hard to know who you are responding to.
most of us will post real comments but some get nasty and need to be deleted.
we are glad that you lost coach blias to UNO as they needed a new change.
keep up the blogs and we will find our way to read what you are doing.


Fargo Force Blogger said...

Yeah I was planning on adding a "Blogs I Follow" link soon.

We have had many ND kids go to Lincoln so I have followed my share of Stars in the past when Fargo didn't have a team. Steve Johnson is just as good as Dean Blais, and we don't have to pay him as much! LOL.


Yeti said...

Just added your blog to my links section. Thanks for adding mine to yours. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

tzweeb said...

wow it sure is funny that you have as many blogs from lincoln as you do from fargo...
while we may have alot of love for david reekie, we still love to follow our players once they leave the team and move onto better things.
reekie was just the most popular goalies we have had for awhile.
i think he will go down in history as the first goalie to score a goal and also win in a fight!!
plus the fact he had incredible numbers, makes him one for us to remember for along time!
i also think i saw what yeti posted as we had close to 500 posts for the first live blog game..???
im sure that as full of crap as we stars fans are that we probably did even more then that tonight. even with the loss to tri-city, we still have the best fans!!!
while i know that when at the ice box you wont get a stars fan on your site and as well when at your arena we wont get your fans, it is nice that we can post for you guys to see our fans comments.
keep working hard at the blogging and you too might get as good as us!!!
ooohhh was that a good slam???
so now.. as jim rome says... have a take and dont suck!
tri city, fargo and the stars are all doing the same thing for blogging. lets make it even better by being good fans!!

Fargo Force Blogger said...

who swept who in the playoffs last spring? :)
we have a lot of great fans, we just haven't been around for 16 years or whatever it has been for you guys...give us a few years...

B Roy said...

Ha, I agree... give us a break it's only our second season!!

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