What's everyone so afraid of?

There are so many more reasons people attend sporting events than for just the game itself.  People want to be entertained with things other than what is going on the ice, so what is everyone so afraid of?  The Fargo Force are in their second year and Fargo Force staff and some fans have taken criticism of game atmosphere with a grain of salt. 

This year we have seen the addition of the Party Pit to add to the atmosphere in the south end of the rink which has helped.  They have also added an organ (the Zamborgan).  Force fans have taken it upon themselves to create more interest in the Force.  We have seen Force fans bring in signs, cowbells, and even a very LOUD Fargo Force drum.  Force fans have even created their own "Chaos Corner" that usually produces a decent amount of vocals game in and game out.

The question is, why isn't everyone else participating?  What does it take to get the average attendance of around 3,000 to participate in the "Let's go Force" chant or the "Sieve" chant that is attempted on the south end of the rink.  Do we have to educate our fans on how to be fans?  Do we need to give pamphlets out to get people participating?  How can we get casual fans to leave the games with a feeling of excitement and desire of wanting to come to another game to take part in that atmosphere once again?

Strides have been made since opening night last year with all of the additions that are mentioned above, but it would be the best place to hold a game if we were able to get that ultimate atmosphere that sports fans desire when they purchase the ticket.  Players will also feel the effects of added atmosphere.  Ask any player that has played in the USHL and I am sure they would tell you that the places that they had the most fun playing in, was the facilities that had the best atmosphere.  Let's make the Urban Plains Center the best place to watch/play a game in.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I really like watching hockey but the atmosphere gets you more involved. People need to break out of that comfort zone and let it all out.I just dont care what people think of me at a game. If we had 3,200 people in the UP that were involved in the atmosphere that place would erupt with crowd noise it would sound like 6,000 fans with the size of the rink being the factor

Anonymous said...

I agree we need more. The only thing im dissapointed about this year is the party pit. It takes up way too much room making general admission crappy because it can get really crowded (because of where the zamboni come out..it cuts the GA in half..less room) Party pit is a good idea. maybe they should switch sides... Just something I was very dissapointed about this season compared to last.

Fargo Force Blogger said...

Yeah, it is unfortunate for those South GA users that they have to go to the North end because of the Party Pit, but they have definitely filled up a lot more GA spots in both ends because of the addition.

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