$5 Tickets, $1 Night

There are $5 ticket vouchers available at both Happy Harry's locations in Fargo.  A limited number of vouchers are available so be sure to get yours for Wednesday night's game!

It's also $1 night at the Urban Plains Center.  Beers, pops and hot dogs will be $1 each.

We already know that the intensity of the series have been amplified given what had happened in Omaha over the weekend.  Hopefully for everyone's sake it doesn't get out of hand for games three and four on Wednesday and Thursday in Fargo.  I hope the players can keep it clean regardless of high emotions, but I hope the games have great playoff intensity.

Win 'em for 18.  Go Force!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. We need to be better than Omaha is every way esp. on the score board.

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