In-Forum: Leivermann returns to visit Force

This link may be comforting for Force fans. Corey Leivermann is in good spirits and back at the Urban Plains Center hanging around his teammates until the doctors clear him to play. Check out the article below by Kerry Collins of the Fargo Forum.

Leivermann returns to visit Force | INFORUM | Fargo, ND


Anonymous said...

we are just glad that you are back corey... hopefully you can have a fast recovery and get back out there if we win the omaha series and then hopefully you will be fully revovered to play for the finals

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that he's all right and doing well. Yes, I am an Omaha fan (gasp!) and yes, I did enjoy the hit. But it did get scary after things calmed down and he was not moving. We may all have our opinions on why it happened and how everything went down...but what really matters is that he's doing fine.

You have to admit that Troy Power is a class act for getting a hold of him and apologizing.

Go Lancers!

Anonymous said...

Ludwig should be the one doing the apologizing not power

Force Blogger said...

True, but that is still a class act and respectable move by Power.

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