Okay so this year's playoffs hasn't been up to snuff on the attendance in our two home games and I'm hoping that improves here as the Force inch closer to the Clark Cup finals but here is a little excerpt from the Fargo Forum that I thought was pretty cool.  You can check out the full article here.

The Force averaged 3,209 fans per game during the regular season – sixth-most in the 14-team USHL.

That makes them the most popular sporting event in town during the winter. North Dakota State men’s basketball averaged 2,792 fans per home game this season.

Last summer, the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks minor league baseball team averaged 3,870 fans.

“It can really be a great atmosphere,” said Lance Johnson, general manager of the Urban Plains Center. “It’s so much more positive when you get those big crowds in the building.

“It’s like that 3,500 number is the breaking point. That’s when you really see a change in the place.”

The Force’s average number of fans is pretty much the same as their total from the team’s inaugural season in 2008-09 – when they averaged 3,203 fans.

But that total jumped substantially in the postseason. In last year’s playoffs, Fargo averaged 3,864 fans – tops in the USHL.

“That’s what you want from the playoffs,” Steve Johnson said. “At this time of year, you want to be playing in your own building, and you want that home ice to be an advantage.”

Let's give the Force a little home ice advantage and fill the UP Center for the next series against the Omaha Lancers.


blades said...

Thats a good article. I guess i was expecting at least 3,800 people per game this weekend. I was more disapointed on Friday night vs. Saturday with the attendance. I will say this, when the Force made that incredible come back Friday night it sounded like there was 4,000 in the building.

Force Blogger said...

I agree it sounded like a lot of people in there when the Force started their comeback. I don't see why they can't get a lot more in there. People can get tickets for $5 if they just go to the Osgood Hornbacher's shuttle bus! There's no reason why a playoff hockey game shouldn't have at least 3,500.

blades said...

I agree with you 100%. Regardless of the situation when they make it back home during the next series, there needs to be more people there.

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